Natural Vermont Floor Tile

Camara Slate produces the finest floor tile available.

Floor Tile:

Floor tile produced by Camara Slate is a combination of hardness, durability, excellent performance and natural beauty, making it an ideal material for flooring. Whatever the nature, size and location of the project, Camara Slate has the experience, the technology and knowledge to meet the most demanding project. Our floor tiles are used both in residential and commercial applications.


The subtle textures and distinctive colors of Camara Slate will accent any décor. Choose from a natural palette of six soft hues: purple, red, black, shadow gray, mottled green & purple, and unfading green, or a combination of up to six standard colors blended into a tasteful pattern. Give your floor that enduring beauty that cannot be matched by man-made alternatives.

Standard finish for floor is known as natural cleft, a completely untouched and natural finish. A honed (smooth) finish is also available.

Natural Colors:

Durability and Safety:

Camara slate offers more than a visual appeal. The natural cleft texture of the slate creates a slip resistant finish that meets with ADA specifications. As well, slate resists moisture, heat and the heavy pounding of high traffic areas, giving your flooring that protective touch. The minimal maintenance and durability will appeal to any homeowner, contractor or architect.

Historical Flooring:

Historical Flooring is a very unique type of flooring we offer. Historical flooring blends the elements of salvaged roofing in the traditional grout and thin set method of installation. Historical flooring works very well for both traditional flat and vertical installations as well.

Designing Floors:

Decorative and attractive flooring schemes can be composed by using a simple combination of: squares, rectangles, patterns, irregular and custom shapes. More complex designs can be created by adding colors and textures.

Standard Sizes:

Patterns: (click for full size)

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Our company takes great pride in its unparalleled service and has the resources to set the standards in the industry. Product availability is the centerpiece of our production team whose focus is to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction. Camara Slate is committed to deliver a standard beyond our competitors abilities, with excellent service and a quality-valued product that is delivered in a timely manner.

Installation Instructions:

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