Where can I get Vermont Roofing Slate

Camara Slate produces the finest roofing slate available.


Slate has been used for centuries to create beautiful roofs, renowned for resisting the assaults of rain, wind, and snow. With unique textures, soft colors and unmatched durability, it is the perfect marriage of practicality and beauty, enhancing any environment.

Camara Slate quarries and fabricates roofing slate that is ASTM Grade S-1 quality ensuring durability and structural performance for a lifetime. Slate is a natural product and like fingerprints, no two pieces are exactly alike… slight variations will occur in texture, thickness and shading. The combination of excellent appearance and performance has made Camara Slate a national leader for many roofing projects in the US and abroad.


The subtle textures and distinctive colors of Camara’s roofing slate will provide the crowning touch to any architectural design. One of the appealing characteristics of slate is the wide variety of natural colors. Roofing slate is classified in three different groups: “unfading”, “semi-weathering” and “weathering” to indicate the degree of color change that can be expected. Unfading means that over time the slate will have essentially no weather tones. The slate might lighten or deepen in color and may have varying tones produced during prolonged exposure to the elements. Semi-weathering slate will change 10% to 25%, whereas weathering slate will change 30% or more. This weathering continues to some degree throughout the life of the slate but does not diminish the longevity of the material. The Camara company offers a full compliment of creative choices that will provide your roof with an enduring beauty that cannot be matched by man-made alternatives. Aesthetically a step above!


Vermont Gray

Our Vermont Gray weathers uniformly. The natural battleship gray assumes a light bronze patina over time that deepens the color but maintains a gray roof. Rugged, durable and medium texture, Vermont Grey is the traditional “slate gray” stone roof. Occasional pieces may show buff and brown tones. Produced in Vermont.

Unfading Red

The one and only, true Unfading red carries a price tag that reflects the limited deposits and difficult production of this exotic and extremely hard material. Brick red in color and one of the most durable slates known. Produced in Washington County, New York.

Unfading Green

Shades of green and gray/green that will not change in color. Some deposits are a very bright green, while others range gray/green. Produced in Vermont.

Royal Purple

A beautiful, nearly clear, Dark Purple Slate. Some pieces may have small markings of Green, but are predominantly Purple. Some weathering to buffs can occur. Produced in Vermont

Unfading Gray

A light Gray-Green Slate with some clouded grayer/black markings. Produced in Vermont.

Vermont Mottled-Gray Black

Grayish background with mottlings of various shades of darker gray-black. Some weathering can occur.

Unfading Clear Black

A smooth textured, clear black slate.


Camara roofing slate has withstood the test of time. This 500 million year old stone is impervious to severe climatic conditions. Slate is a hard, dense stone whose structural integrity has withstood the rigors of ASTM testing and is fast becoming a popular choice in the architectural world. The intrinsic value of slate as a supreme roofing material can be attributed to the following qualities:

  • Last a lifetime
  • Noncombustible
  • Resistance to acid
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Fire proof
  • Non staining
  • Impermeable to moisture

The durability and minimal maintenance will appeal to any homeowner, contractor or architect.

Design Considerations:

Whether you choose the diminishing course of traditional random slating, or the more regular appearance of sized or patterned slates, Camara slate will enhance any roof with character and visual appeal of a high-quality natural material.

Standard Texture
Standard texture roofs are composed of slate 3/16″ to 1/4″ thick and are either uniform standard length and width, or one length and random widths laid to line. The texture of the slate is moderately smooth.

Rough Texture
A rough texture roof utilizes slates which have a varying thickness and whose external surface is rugged in appearance.

Graduated Roofs
The graduated roof has the irregular features of the rough texture roof but has even greater variations in thickness and size. The slates are installed so that the thickest and longest are placed at the eaves and then the pieces gradually and proportionately diminish in size until the ridges are reached. Slate from this type can be obtained in any combination of thickness from 1/4″ to 1″.

Table of textures and weights

Standard Sizes:

Slate Selection Considerations:

Slate is ordinarily considered to be the most permanent type of roof covering and when properly selected and properly installed it may prove to be the most permanent part of the building. Camara Slate is committed to producing the highest quality roofing slate. By quarrying, fabricating and distributing our own products, we control quality at every stage. Some grades are far more durable than others, when choosing or specifying roofing slate you should consider these issues:

  • Color
    • Unfading
    • Semi-weathering
  • Geology of slate
    • Where the slate is quarried (Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, China, so on)
  • Durability
    • All slates have a 100-year warranty against delaminating and softening of the body
  • Quality
    • The slates shall be reasonably full corners. No broken corners on the exposed end more than 1″. No broken corners on the covered ends allowed that would sacrifice nailing strength, or the laying of a watertight slate roof. (No more than 3″ broken corner measured down or across)
    • Face dimensions shall not differ more than 1/8″.
    • Slate should be free of knots, knurls, flints and pyrites.
    • There should be no more than 2% of broken slate including those that have cracks that materially effect the ring when sounded (this includes shipping)
  • Nail holes
    • 3/16″- 1/4″and 1/4″-3/8 must be punched (to allow nail to fit in countersunk hole)
    • 3/8″- 1/2″ and thicker can be drilled


Our company takes great pride in its unparalleled service and has the resources to set the standards in the industry. Product availability is the centerpiece of our production team whose focus is to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction. Camara Slate is committed to deliver a standard beyond our competitors abilities, with excellent service and a quality-valued product that is delivered in a timely manner.


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